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We see ourselves as an extension of the company that hires us.

This is why we only work with one brand per category.

We see clients as colleagues, and we enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with them to accomplish their research objectives.

We are passionate about people and life, and we bring a positive energy to our qualitative work to make respondents and clients enjoy their time while we uncover insights.

Some of our great clients have shared their comments on our work:

“Horacio has the skill to make chairs talk. Any chair. No matter the challenge or the kind of consumers. Even with a group of shy or quiet people, Horacio turns everything around and makes them share to a point that by the time the groups ends, there’s a great feeling of excitement and belonging in the room. His energy becomes very contagious to consumers. And that pays off.” Alex G-Pallete   managing partner director of account planning The Vidal partnership

“Horacio LOVES people. He gets deep insights because people trust him, they like to talk him...he makes it fun and engaging. He creates an environment that is trusting, fun, convivial and that always yields great information!” I’d love to be a consumer in one of his groups!!!” Cheryl Swanson, Founder and Principal, Toniq LLC – Brand Strategy Consultants

Planet Latino Market Intelligence and Horacio Segal has been my “go-to” guy for all the qualitative research I’ve conducted with Hispanic consumers for the past 7 years. Starting with exploratory studies to better understand consumers, through concept and communications development he has had a hand in guiding our Hispanic efforts, previously at Heineken USA and most recently at Subway. The actionable and relevant insights he provides go beyond what is typically expected and he truly thrusts himself into your business, making himself a truly valuable member of the research and brand team. Eric Champagne – Consumer Insights Manager – Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust 

"Be prepared to be Horacioized" is what I often say to those attending a Planet Latino group for the first time. Much like other highly desirable moderators, Horacio manages all qualitative project (groups, ethnographies, ideations) with consummate skill from creative approaches to methodologies and problem solving to seamlessly managing the groups to insightful and strategic analyses. Yet, Horacio brings so much more to a project, to your business, and to your working partnership, that you can't help but be Horacioized!

Horacio has a unique and genuine rapport with people that enables him to almost immediately connect with everyone, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity, which both engages and entertains and allows him to garner insights and emotional responses well below the surface response. This core empathetic connection works with gatekeeper Moms, preteen inner city girls, sullen teenage boys, blue collar men, and people with significant physical disabilities that are confined to wheelchairs, to name just a few examples.

He also has a thorough knowledge and enthusiasm for Hispanic peoples and cultures and can effectively immerse the most unexposed client into this world and mindset, making them understand and value the diversity and power of this market and these cultures. He extends his expertise beyond an advocate for the Hispanic consumer to actively partnering with the client/agency team to put these insights into action, from in language tagline and copy development to new product and promotional ideas.   Lastly, Horacio brings the art of the film maker to any video based projects, directing the whole venture and bringing a topic to life with insight, humor, and the power to drive action.   Sharon Ripps Senior Manager, Strategy & Insights Pepsi Lipton Partnership

As a 20 year plus veteran of the Hispanic quantitative marketing research industry, I can firmly attest to the fact that Horacio is among the leaders in the Hispanic qualitative industry with an outstanding reputation.  He is a dynamic force in the room, bringing with him a storied and varied set of personal experiences combined with an innate energy that is highly effective.  Most importantly, Horacio delivers keen insights in context with his vast understanding of Latinos.  His work has facilitated my quantitative efforts over the years, and in fact made me a better researcher in general as a result.
Martin G. Cerda Research Director Encuesta, Inc.

Horacio earned my respect from the first set of focus groups we worked together. He has both a high energy level and a passion for the Hispanic market that allows him to create a virtual bond among the participants and him, which leads to a more open and candid discussion on the topic being researched.

At the same time he has the objectivity and the curiosity that leads him to formulate well thought out questions which help us, the client, understand the participants underlying motivations, and assist us in discovering the insights we are looking for. He has demonstrated to us over and over again that he knows the Hispanic Market in a way that only top research partners do which has led us to ask him to participate in a number of projects with us and expect we will continue to do so. J. Eddie Lindley Sr. Brand Manager US Hispanic, Latin America and Caribbean Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust

Horacio has an extraordinary ability to convert various strangers into a group of best friends within a very quick time period. He creates an open, trusting, fun and comfortable environment where consumers feel completely at ease in providing their honest and transparent opinion on whatever topic is being probed (an especially difficult task with Hispanic consumers). As the group progresses, consumers become more comfortable in revealing their attitudes, desires, aspirations in life and other deep rooted inner emotions. This ability allows him to ‘peel the onion’ deeper than other moderators and uncover fresh consumer insights that become extremely valuable assets to the successful management of the Heineken brand.   Paul Smailes Hispanic Brand Manager Heineken USA  

"Horacio's high energy approach in facilitating focus groups always keeps participants (and back room viewers) engaged up until the final moment of every session."    Barry Schwartzblatt Unilever Director, Consumer & Market Insights