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We offer Strategic consulting, delivering actionable results from Multicultural Insights

At Planet Latino Market Intelligence, all we do is qualitative research; listening and learning from consumers face to face while surpassing cultural barriers.

We have over 15 years of experience conducting focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and ethnographic studies with consumers of all ages and various ethnic backgrounds.

We bring the voice of the consumer to all companies interested in listening. We are Bilingual and Bicultural moderators with experience in all categories, industries and markets, specializing in the Hispanic experience in the US and Latin America, as well as the General Market.

Understanding consumers in their cultural context

The way to understand how people use products and view categories and brands is to first understand their relationship to society and their current cultural context.

Whether born in the US or coming from Latin America, consumers have a set of needs that can be met by different products and services. We utilize a variety of methodologies to understand how consumers relate to each category as they filtered it through their own cultural background and personal experience.

Horacio Segal, president and founder of Planet Latino Market Latino, inc, has conducted thousands of focus groups in the US General Market, the Hispanic market as well as in Latin America.

His background in journalism, creative arts, and theater allows him to generate a high level of involvement from people during his qualitative sessions.

He establishes a special rapport with respondents which make them feel more at ease to share their opinions.

Humor plays a big role in these sessions which makes consumers relax and open up to communicate their genuine thoughts and aspirations.

The next time you need to conduct research either in the General Market or the Hispanic Market; in English or Spanish; in the US, Latin America or Spain, give us a call so we can contribute to find the answers you are looking for, bringing the voice of the consumer to your company.